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What is Blank Paper Music & Art and

who stands behind Blank Paper Music & Art?


Dear all, 


my name is Marco Moesch and I am the owner of Blank Paper Music & Art, Mix & Mastering Engineer, a Music-Producer and Artist from Laufenburg CH/ AG. 

Since I am 7 years old, Music became my passion. First, I started as a drummer and percussionist. View years later I became interested in music production and wanted to gain deeper knowlegde & obtain further skills in various types of music. Therefore I started some own music projects as drummer and multi-instrumentalist.


I am very interested in doing all on my own, playing different instruments, recording, mixing and mastering as well. As all journeys are not always easy, it also took me some time and hard work to get to this point I am right now. I know it’s my passion and I am very convinced to get better and better.

So far, I worked on several own projects in the last 4 years. One project is reflected under my pseudonym klawanter. Having others sharing my passion for music, it led to great and continuous collaborations with different musicians and singer. Gaining more experiences over time, I know now what it takes and requires for an outstanding Mix and Mastering.

It is essential for an outstanding Mix & Mastering to have the right equipment available for a perfect performance. That doesn’t mean it would not work with a low-prices equipment or you would need the newest and best equipment. No! It just means to trust my/your ears, the own feeling for sounds related to Mix & Mastering und to work hard to get better and better over time. 

(for more see my equipment side)



Musician Career


  • 2022 – further education with Diploma
    for harmony theory, mix & mastering by Thom Wettstein and Steve Wettstein

  • 2014 – until today
    music producer, multi-instrumentalist

  • 2013 – 2015
    (Crystalpulp formerly.
    Paramount Greyhound/ BS)

  • 2010 – 2013 
    drummer and multi-instrumentalist
    (various projects)


  • 2005 – 2010          
    drummer and percussionist
    (Jugendband Wegenstettertal/ Brass Band Zuzgen).


What services offers Blank Paper Music & Art?

Blank Paper Music & Art offers:

  • Track Feedback
    Before start the Mix or Mastering, you can send me your Song/ Songs and I will listen to it and give you a first feedback. Sometimes it is possible to fix some kind of resonance or give the mix the last kick to stand out of other mixes.


  • Recording | Tape-Recording
    It is possible to do some Recording at my Studio - Vocals and also some smaller projects
    (only on demand

  • Mix
    up to 36 tracks – (and more, only on demand)


  • Mastering
    digital/ analog
    (with Outboard Gear and Plugins)
    (with the Revox B77 MKII 2-track)
    (up to 5 tracks - only on demand
    Perfect loudness -
    (balance without losing the dynamic)






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